Terms & Conditions

For designs containing 1-3 colors in a single location, our minimum is 24pcs.

For designs containing 4+ colors in a single location, our minimum is 48pcs.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that we do offer quantity discounts based on volume per design. This means the more you order, the more you save.

Print Sizes
We encourage you to prepare your artwork at the exact dimensions you’d like the design(s) to be printed. If you cannot, or do not specify the print dimensions on your order form, we will default to one of the following standard print sizes (see below). Ultimately, however, we must size your design to fit onto the smallest garment in your order, this print size will then be used for all of the garment sizes you’ve requested. For example, if you order Youth Extra Small through Adult Triple Extra Large, we will scale your design to fit onto the Youth Extra Small t-shirts and you’ll end up with a tiny print on the Adult Triple Extra Large shirts. If you require your design to be scaled across all the garments in your order, you will be required to print a minimum order PER print size.

Standard Print Sizes (Width x Height):

  • Full Front/Back Portrait: 11″ x 17″ (Not available for all garments/designs)
  • Full Front/Back Landscape: 13″ x 8.5″
  • Oversized Front/Back: 12″ x 18″ (Not available for all garments/designs)
  • Left Chest: 4″ x 4″
  • Left/Right Sleeve (Short-sleeve Garments): 4″ x 4″
  • Left/Right Long-sleeve or Sweatpanst: 4″ x 14″
  • Inside Tag: 4″ x 4″

Screen & Set-up Fees

Method Print Co. does not, and will never, charge you a screen or set-up fee. We think that’s pretty cool.

Turnaround Time
Our standard turnaround time is approximately 3 – 5 business days following receipt of payment and written proof approval. Please note that this does not include time in transit if your order is being shipped. The estimated completion date listed on your invoice is also our anticipated ship date and is not guaranteed. If you have a specific “In-Hand” deadline that must be met, please make us aware at the time of your order. A rush fee may apply if we cannot meet your “In-Hand” deadline within our standard turnaround time.

Rush Orders
If your order must be in-hand sooner than our standard turnaround time permits, it may be subject to a rush fee. Our rush fee is an additional 35% of your invoice total and guarantees order production within 48-72 hours following payment. Rush order payments are time sensitive and must be completed by 3pm the day they are invoiced. If we have not received your payment in time, your order may be delayed by no less than one business day. Rush order production does not include time in transit. If expedited shipping is required, additional fees may apply. Rush order spaces are limited and are fulfilled on a first-come first-served basis.

Unless otherwise requested, United Parcel Service (UPS) is the preferred and default shipper of Method Print Co. We will also default to the United States Postal Service (USPS) when shipping to all APO/AE and PO Box addresses. Shipping rates are calculated at the time of your order and are listed on your invoice.

Payment Terms
Method Print Co. requires full payment prior to the start of production. Please note that payment constitutes receipt, review and approval of your invoice and digital proof if no other verbal or written approval has been supplied. We accept cash, checks, PayPal and all major credit and debit cards. We do not, however, currently accept Net Terms.

Orders cancelled following artwork approval and payment may be subject to a garment restocking fee of 35% of the invoice total (less artwork creation/preparation fees). Artwork creation/preparation fees are not refundable.

We require all artwork to be submitted in one of the following formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai)
  • Encapsulated Post-Script (.eps)
  • Portable Document Format (.pdf)
  • Photoshop Document (.psd)

If submitting vector files, make sure you’ve converted your fonts to outlines or have included the font files in a .zip file with your artwork and mock-up. If submitting raster files, we require all design elements in the file to have been created at 300dpi (or higher) and that the entire design be at your desired print size (or larger); make sure all font layers have been rasterized. It’s important to note that we can always shrink your raster-based design but we will never be able to increase it in size without sacrificing its resolution. Thus if you must submit a .jpg or .tiff file, it must have been created and saved at no less than 300dpi and at the exact print size required (or larger).

We will not accept the following file types:

  • Word Document (.doc, .docx)
  • Power Point (.ppt)
  • Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • Rich Text Format (.rtf)
  • Graphics Interchange Format (.gif)
  • Ping (.png)
  • Bitmap (.bmp)

If your artwork was not submitted in accordance with our requirements, preparing it for print will be billed at our current rate. You will be notified immediately if we will not be able to use your artwork and a file preparation estimate will be provided at that time. You will also be notified immediately if we are unable to recreate your design in-house (additional fees may apply above our current rate for outsourcing design work). Any and all artwork created by Method Print Co. (or an outsourced agent) is the sole property of Method Print Co. (or outsourced agent) unless otherwise specified. Artwork creation or preparation fees are labor charges consistent with the time necessary to create/alter a design for print and do not grant ownership or rights to the artwork created.

Any and all artwork submitted by you, that is not being conceived or created by Method Print Co., is owned by you or its rightful owner. We will never reproduce your artwork without your consent.

Prior to production, all artwork must be approved via an emailed digital proof. We offer one free set of revisions following your initial digital proof; further revisions will be billed at our current rate. We require proof approval via email, we do not accept approval via phone. Proof approval signifies you’ve thoroughly reviewed and approve the proof and are clearing it for production. Any changes to your artwork following approval may result in increased turnaround time. Method Print Co. is not responsible for typos, misspellings or other general errors in approved digital mock-ups, proofs or artwork. It’s important to note that final print placement may vary from garment to garment due to manufacturing differences in the garments themselves (see below) and the fact that we have a .25″ tolerance when loading the blank garment(s) onto our equipment. Tolerances that fall within this range are considered acceptable.

Our current rate for artwork creation/preparation is $35.00/hour(one hour minimum).

Garments & Blanks
Garment manufacturers are not perfect and we cannot guarantee each t-shirt or blank we receive. Although we review all garments prior to printing, we will not be held responsible for manufacturer defects including but not limited to: Garment color inconsistencies, poor or imperfect stitching, improperly labeled sizes, etc. We encourage ordering 3% extra per size should you require an exact count upon order receipt.

Method Print Co. will also not be held responsible for you simply not liking the garment(s) you’ve requested. We do our best to help answer your questions regarding the various garment options available, but ultimately it is your responsibility to research and select the garment(s) that best suits your needs. Ordering blank samples is a good way to review a garment in-hand prior to making your final decision. Keep in mind, however, that blank samples are not refundable nor are they transferrable towards your printed order.

You’re welcome to supply your own garments. All garments supplied to Method Print Co. for screen printing must be new and unwashed. If you are supplying garments for multiple designs/orders, the provided garments must be divided and labeled by size by design – individually bagged items must be un-bagged and sorted accordingly. We also require an itemized list (per design) of each garment style, color and size being delivered. If you are drop shipping your garments direct from the manufacturer, you must use your LAST NAME and INVOICE # as the purchase order for the shipment. Method Print Co. will NOT accept drop shipments of garments that do not have a PAID invoice on file. Finally, blanks that are received and do not conform to the aforementioned standards will be subject to a sorting fee of $35.00/hour – minimum one hour.

Overage & Underage
Screen printing is not an exact science. Every order we receive presents its own unique challenges as each is a custom endeavor – one that we take very seriously. And despite years of experience mixing discharge and plastisol inks and printing shirts on automatic and manual presses, errors, although rare, can occur. Because of this we have an acceptable margin of error of 3% of the total quantity ordered. This is known as our under/over run allowance and all jobs produced within this percentage will be considered complete and ready for pick-up/delivery.

Method Print Co. reserves the right to change its Terms & Conditions without notice.